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    Adding layered content is very simple:

    1. Log into your WP admin
    2. Navigate to Pages or Posts and either create a new one or edit a previously created one
    3. Under Page Attributes > Template, select “Layers” and save
    4. Add layered content sections with the following shortcode:
      Hello World!

    Example With Multiple Layers and Optional Parameters

    [layer id="layer-1" class="odd" color="#fff" padding="5%" background-color="#000" background-image=""]
    Blah blah blah.
    [layer id="layer-2" class="even"]
    Beep beep beep.

    You may add whatever id you like and as many classes (space-separated) as you like.

    Built-in classes include:


    layer-inner creates a more narrow content area within the layer, if needed.

    overlay allows you to fade a background image for more legible text, if needed.

    force-white-text and force-black-text can override theme styles to force all text within the layer to be white or black, if and when needed.

    For color, padding, background-color, and background-image parameters, you may treat this just like normal CSS, adding either a color name like red or color code like #ff0000 or a full image URL.

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